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N6USO Repeater

Hello Everyone,


This is to inform you that the N6USO Sunset Ridge Repeater System 145.440-136.5 PL repeater’s IRLP node #3718 is now working and linked FULL time IRLP Reflector 9663. This repeater covers most of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties!


This reflector channel (3) is the “Micro-Node” Reflector and belongs to the owner of  They are  allowing us to make this reflector channel (9663) the N6USO’s reflector channel, for us to use full time for our linking with other repeaters!  


Owner, Mark, K7IZA, thank you so much for all your support and allowing us to use this channel for our linking!  


For those of you with repeaters/IRLP nodes that wish to link into our system, please feel free to link in via reflector 9663 any time and stay connected as long as you like!  We looking for those systems around the world to link in and enjoy the hobby we all love so much and for the fun of meeting great people from around the world on our system!  Feel free to share this email with your ham friends and families as you wish!  There is no time limit for how long you can connect or talk on the system! All we ask is for you to leave long enough breaks between transmissions for others to join in or to be able to make a call.


The 145.440 repeater is also linked in full time with our 1.2 repeater on 1282.8250- 88.5 PL, also located on Sunset Ridge.  This repeater is located at the same location as the 2 meter box and puts out 35 watts.  For those of you with 1.2, this give you another option for being able to get into the system.  I hope this repeater is a benefit for you the users as well.  


Please let me know if you have any questions about the system.


I hope you enjoy the new changes and work that has been done to the system.


Don’t forget to join us for our Tuesday night Amateur Radio News-line Check-In net at 7:30 PM (1930 Hrs, California Time) brought to you by Hector KE6VRL who is the Net Control for the net! All IRLP/Repeaters are welcome to join the net anytime!


Once again, thanks for all your support and we hope to hear you on the air again real soon!!!! 



Be Safe,

Sgt. Burton Brink-N6USO

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Dept

Owner/Licensee of the 145.440- 136.5 (Tone) Repeater Sunset Ridge, Southern California


Baker to Vegas Update

Thank you everyone who helped with our Baker to Vegas team. Due to your continual efforts and time, you helped contribute to “TEAM Temple’s” success. We were able to move up in our ranking to receive 6th place in the overall standings of the Station category. This is an increase of 7 positions over last years placement. Team Temple is very happy with how they did.

There were over 245 teams that participated as well as teams from Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada, as well as numerous teams from around the United States.

 Thank you all again for your help and support.