Please help keep a murderer in prison

Bobby Joe Denney shot and killed on-duty Cypress Police Department Sergeant Don Sowma while committing a burglary in 1976. Denney was convicted of Murder with special circumstances and sentenced to Life without parole. Denney was transferred to an Oklahoma prison to be near his family (an option not available to Sgt Don Sowma) but has just been returned to California in a bid for parole. The Sowma Family is asking each of you to go to the Cypress P.D. Website to sign the petition to deny parole to Denney. If you would show the parole board your support for the denial, and pass this on to everyone, we would be in your debt.You can also download a PDF copy of the petition and get additional signatures. The people signing do not have to be California residents, the only requirement is that they are 18 or older.

Petitions must be recieved before July 15, 2008.

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